About - AgJc

The story behind AgJc

A few years ago we met under the sun of the Mediterranean city Barcelona. We both come from backgrounds of art and design and we love work with our hands so at the beginning we simply enjoy creating small objects and spending time together in our work space at home sharing our different knowledges as a crafter and one day we realized that we would try to turn our passion in a real job.

We moved to Paris and we founded AgJc. Today we enjoy our amazing work day by day at our atelier currently located in Paris and we are very grateful about this possibility to live doing what makes us happy!

Because we believe that « less is more » all of our delicate pieces are inspired by simplicity and clean shapes which is reflected in our lightweight design style, focusing on make our jewellery of delicate lines perfect to wear everyday. We believe that the style purified of our jewelry won’t pass unobserved for people who finds elegance in simplicity and design lovers. 

Every single piece of our collection is designed and conscientiously handcrafted by us at our studio using traditional and contemporary methods so we are fully involved into the creative process from the beginning to the end.

We enjoy stay in contact with our clients, so please feel free to e-mail us any time if you have any question or idea, we are open to work together in custom orders and we would be happy to hear from you!

Thank you, merci y gracias to Etsy for making us Featured Seller 2017.